Go ahead. Replace metal with plastic.


Change minds.


ULTRASIM® technology routinely delivers 90-95 percent accuracy in predicting the performance of parts molded using BASF material.



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Unparalleled insight.


We know that developing high-performance plastic components can be demanding, expensive and time consuming.


That's why BASF created ULTRASIM® integrated computer-aided engineering technology made specifically for simulating plastic part behaviour.


Factoring in flow dynamics and fiber orientation, ULTRASIM® helps reduce development costs, speed time to market and enhance final product quality and performance, by not relying on average material property values.





Detailed diagram of what makes plastic different from metal

Plastic fails differently

Injection-molded plastic behavior is affected by flow patterns and gate locations.

Learn why this matters
ULTRASIM software display

Not just another simulator.

ULTRASIM® is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) technology that BASF designed specifically for developing high-performance plastic components.

How ULTRASIM® differs
3 car seats, one with ULTRASIM simulation result heat map

Get much better results.

ULTRASIM® technology not only improves the performance of the end product, but it also improves every phase of developing the end product.

Benefits that make a difference
Power tool on a table

Not just for cars anymore.

Historically, ULTRASIM® technology has been a well-known resource in the automotive industry, and that is still true, but ULTRASIM® can be used in industrial and consumer goods applications, as well.

Equal opportunity part optimization
BASF employee moving Resin

Development is challenging.

BASF wants to help you shoulder the burden of development. ULTRASIM® is just one of the ways we do that.

Discover how BASF makes it easier