Because nothing is more important than health and safety.


We actually believe that health and safety — for our employees, customers, suppliers and neighbors — is of the utmost importance.


That's why we're committed to Responsible Care®, a voluntary, worldwide initiative of the chemicals industry. Health and safety is in the DNA of our business. It's a core competency. It's how we conduct our business and operate our facilities. It's how we set goals, standards and measurements that surpass regulatory requirements.


Health and safety also play a huge role in our product development work with you, our customers. We want to help you find new ways to improve the safety of your products, and to protect and enhance the health of the people who use them and the communities they live in.


Talk to us about the ways we're working to keep health and safety top of mind in our operations, and how our products can help you turn average health and safety performance into higher health and safety performance.


Learn more about BASF's corporate, strategic approach to health and safety.