Get much better results.


ULTRASIM® technology not only improves the performance of the end product, but it also improves every phase of developing the end product.



ULTRASIM®: Why use it?

In Part II of this series, we unpack the benefits of ULTRASIM® to the design process and to the end component.


Here are a few ways ULTRASIM® can benefit your project through accurate prediction of performance.


Cost Savings

In many cases, plastics offer savings in processing time and material costs. Not only can BASF help you choose the best plastic for the job—we have data for our portfolio full of world-class products—but ULTRASIM® helps ensure the part performs as it should, so you get the savings that plastics offer.


Material Optimization

ULTRASIM® also helps manufacturers save money by optimizing plastic use. This is possible by measuring several properties at once and finding the sweet spot that optimizes all of them, which minimizes costly waste.



Accurate results give manufacturers assurance of the product's expected behaviour even before making the investment in the prototype.


Faster speed to market

With ULTRASIM®'s ability to better predict plastic part behavior, prototype failures are virtually eliminated. Spending less time in the development stage means faster speed to market and a head start on ROI.


Integrates other standard simulation tools

ULTRASIM® integrates with and refines existing simulation software for a fast and continuous setup.


Reliable, innovative partnership with BASF

With extensive knowledge of high-performance plastics, BASF engineers are ready to work with you every step of the way to create the component you need—from designing to troubleshooting.






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Not just for cars anymore.

Historically, ULTRASIM® technology has been a well-known resource in the automotive industry, and that is still true, but ULTRASIM® can be used in industrial and consumer goods applications, as well.

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