Not just another simulator.


ULTRASIM® is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) technology that BASF designed specifically for developing high-performance plastic components.


ULTRASIM®: What is it?

In Part I of this series, we delve into why the status quo isn't working and how ULTRASIM® is different.



Factoring in flow dynamics and fiber orientation, ULTRASIM® can accurately map properties such as:

  • Tension-compression asymmetry;
  • Dependence on strain rate;
  • Dependence on temperature and humidity;
  • Anisotropy of stiffness and yield (depends on fiber orientation and orientation density)


With this information, ULTRASIM® predicts the plastic component's behavior and points of failure. It also identifies and prevents creep, noise, vibration and harshness, impact failure, and product fatigue.



Finally, with mathematical part optimization, ULTRASIM® can make recommendations for where to improve topology, parameter and shape in the design.





3 car seats, one with ULTRASIM simulation result heat map

Get much better results.

ULTRASIM® technology not only improves the performance of the end product, but it also improves every phase of developing the end product.

Benefits that make a difference