New ULTRASIM® software module links fill simulation and structural analysis of part



BASF has developed a new proprietary software module — called ULTRASIM® — which processes fiber orientation data for use in structural analysis. This integrative design approach takes into account fiber orientation in the molding, resulting in a more accurate prediction of the mechanical and thermal behavior of the part.

Until now engineers have been prevented from arriving quickly at an optimal design of a molded part, because of a lack of information about process-related material properties, like anisotropy due to fiber orientation that the part acquires during the molding process.


ULTRASIM® transfers the fiber orientations determined from mold filling simulations to the finite element mesh of the part's structural model and works out the local material parameters. Because the transfer is purely geometrical, the data can be applied to a variety of meshes. User-defined functions in ABAQUS structural analysis software allow non-linearity and complex failure modes to be included in the description of the material '' something that was not possible until now. Fundamental to the whole process is efficient management of the vast quantity of input data required. ULTRASIM thus forms a link between mold filling simulation and structural analysis of the part.


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