Elastoshore® GSPU products are perfect for the wet insulation of ultra-deep flowlines and subsea structures. Elastoshore GSPU employs the use of BASF ZEROHg technology. This mercury-free, high performance material is reliable under the extreme stress and temperatures of the deep sea. BASF Elastoshore is the record holder for the deepest use of GSPU at depths over 2900m.


Elastoshore field joints ensure stable protection and insulation of pipeline welds. They offer excellent thermal insulation values and are corrosion resistant. Elastoshore filed joints are mercury free and specifically designed for the harsh environment of the deep sea.


Elastoshore structural support elastomers have various uses in the subsea industry. These elastomers are used to make pipelines and jumpers. The industry demands a mercury-free solution for the pipeline strakes. BASF provides the solution with products that surpass 70-ton S-Lay stinger tests. Elastoshore elastomers are also available for bend stiffener and bend restrictor applications.




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