Top 5 BASF innovations from NPE 2015

Posted on April 08, 2015

From product demonstrations to actual manufacturing on the tradeshow floor, NPE 2015 lived up to its hype. It was a whirlwind of activity and served as the showcase for everything new in the plastics industry. In case you missed our booth (or the show altogether), here’s a quick recap of what we exhibited.


Our theme this year was “Innovate with us”, and how BASF offers the materials, design and processing support to help shoulder the burden of development—from concept to reality. We enlisted renowned industrial designer Roy Watson to conduct Industrial Design Theater in our booth. He showed how designers approach a problem, develop the solution into a concept, propose material and component characteristics and finally work to help create a product.


Demonstrating Watson’s words were real-life examples of products that BASF helped our customers develop. Here are the top five.


The Tweel®: Airless tires M


The Tweel is an alternative to the pneumatic wheel that uses BASF Ultramid® polyamides to create a light but strong wheel rim. It replaces the metal components in the wheel and helps reduce air-loss-related maintenance and downtime.


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Infinergy™: Innovative midsole material


BASF worked with adidas to create Infinergy™, an award-winning shoe sole material that absorbs the shock of impact and the rebounds part of that energy back to the foot of the athlete.


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BMW i3: High-performance plastic components to replace metal


BASF worked with the automotive manufacturer BMW to create mechanically tough, yet lightweight plastics that were integrated into the construction of the BMW i3 seats, body and rear seat shell.


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Effect Pigments: Optical effects for design surfaces


These are pigments that provide effective heat management and light stabilization in automotive and turf applications. They also help your product achieve unique and attractive designs and effects that bring new life to your colors with sparkle and shine.


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Ecovio®: Compostable plastic


Our biodegradable resin is used in all types of film applications, including in agriculture where it is used as a mulch film for growing crops like strawberries. If you were at NPE, you could have enjoyed a cup of coffee at our coffee station, featuring 100% compostable coffee pods.


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Beyond the Booth


Appreciation Lunch


We loved connecting with our customers at our special luncheon event. It’s a great opportunity for us to hear from you and to thank you for your business.



On March 24, we had a special event to better acquaint you to ULTRASIM. The analysis tool helps to offer better performance prediction for product developers. It has wide use in automotive, industrial and consumer applications.


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Engaging conversations


We enjoyed chatting with you the booth, at our special events and through Twitter. We got a lot of great questions about challenges of development and production.


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