Taking a stand for polyurethanes

Posted on November 11, 2013

This blog post was adapted from Gerry Podesta’s keynote address at the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry annual conference in September, 2013.


As Steering Committee Chair of the Center for the Polyurethanes Industry (CPI), I am proud every day to be part of an industry that constantly drives innovation that truly offers sustainable solutions and that makes the lives of everyday citizens a little better.


Polyurethanes have helped homes and buildings become more energy efficient. They’ve helped cars become safer, lighter, more fuel-efficient. They’ve helped medical supplies become more reliable, durable and flexible. They helped furniture become more comfortable and wear resistant.


The list of ways polyurethanes are making the world better goes on.


Our industry takes environmental, health and safety issues very seriously. It’s at the forefront of what we do. Without question, we have a good story to tell, and we can’t sit back and wait for someone else to write our story. That’s why we need to be out there talking about the value of our industry.


Polyurethane products bring great benefits to the world we live in and we should not apologize for that. So I ask you all to engage, to educate people about what we do and to be clear about how the products we touch—either directly or indirectly—help improve the world around us.


What can you do to help support our industry?


Well for starters, you can participate in CPI events and/or become a member. CPI is dedicated to advocating for our industry, and is one of the voices telling our story. They also provide tools and resources to help the rest of us tell it, too.


We also need to have people who are willing to advocate for our industry by talking about what they do and how they are working to keep people safe, respect the environment and provide solutions to problems both large and small.


We need more people communicating with all levels of the government, and participating in meetings with elected officials and community leaders, or in hearings and discussions in regulatory settings.


We need more people participating in grassroots efforts to share the industry’s perspective on bills in your state legislature. We need more people representing polyurethanes in scientific forums where government officials and NGOs are present. These are tangible steps that will have a meaningful impact.


Please join me in advocating for the polyurethanes industry and spreading our story far and wide. Together, we can ensure that our industry remains strong for years to come.


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