Blog: Solving stormwater management with porous pavement

Posted on August 15, 2014

Urban settings call for paved surfaces. Whether it’s sidewalks, roads, parking lots, driveways or bike paths, cities are all but covered in concrete and asphalt.


These surfaces are naturally beneficial for drivers and pedestrians, but they present problems for water management. For example, pavement prevents stormwater from filtering back into the ground and replenishing aquifers.


The solution to this problem is simple: porous pavement.


FilterPave® Glass Series is one such porous pavement alternative. Made with 100% post-consumer-recycled glass—and combined with BASF Elastopave® binders—Filterpave porous pavement is designed for pedestrian and light vehicle traffic.


As a poured-in-place, highly reflective and colorful paving system, durable Filterpave offers great design freedom, as well as a method of reducing heat island effect. Best of all, it greatly reduces stormwater runoff and is resistive to clogging and maintenance requirements, accepting up to 100 gallons of water per hour per square foot.


To watch Filterpave in action, watch this video:


To learn more about FilterPave, visit their website:



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