Blog: Making a big difference with small automotive components

Posted on March 13, 2013

One of the trends shaping the consumer automotive marketplace today is downsizing. Following in the footsteps of the European market, North American consumers are increasingly interested in smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles, and North American automakers are rising to that demand.


In its annual “U.S. Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) StudySM” released last summer, J.D. Power and Associates reported that vehicle owners are increasingly replacing their older, larger models with new ones from a smaller segment. 


“Twenty-seven percent of new-vehicle buyers who replaced a vehicle downsized, meaning they purchased a new vehicle in a smaller segment than the vehicle they replaced,” the report noted. “In contrast, only 13 percent of buyers up-sized, while 60 percent purchased a new vehicle in the same segment as their previous vehicle.”


Creating appealing smaller vehicles for a North American market that is used to having their cars “supersized” is a challenge: how do you appeal to owners’ desire for size, space and status while catering to their interest in performance and greater fuel economy?


One of the ways that automakers can achieve this is by specifying the most advanced, lightest-weight components available.


BASF’s Cellasto® top mounts are an ideal product for this purpose. Made out of the world’s most advanced polyurethane formulation for this application, Cellasto top mounts are lightweight and volume-compressible. They can be installed in much smaller spaces and the housing around them can be made much smaller, reducing weight as well as the amount of expensive light-metal alloys required.


Cellasto’s performance has been proven for over 50 years in the global automotive marketplace. It is one of the most advanced materials available and is widely recognized for its contributions to reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in vehicle operation through components such as spring aids and coil spring isolators.


To find out more about the unique properties of Cellasto top mounts and how they can contribute to improved performance as well as cost and space savings, check out our latest micro-webinar: “Cellasto Top Mounts: Keeping Quiet, Saving Space.”


Or for more information about Cellasto itself, check out Cellasto: The NVH Solution.


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