Blog: BASF helps smooth the way forward

Posted on February 06, 2013

As automotive quality increases worldwide, and frugal consumers hang on to their vehicles for longer periods of time, it’s up to suppliers and manufacturers to decide how they will handle this evolving trend.


In December 2012, research company Polk Automotive released a white paper showing that the average age of all vehicles in operation has reached an all-time high. Consumers now keep a new vehicle for an average of 11.2 years before upgrading to a new one: a point at which the declining performance of their current vehicle means they are more open to switching brands.   


This is an important development in consumer buying habits. Although lengthier consumer ownership means a reduced opportunity for new vehicle sales (if it maintains, the report says, individuals would purchase 25% fewer new vehicles in their lifetime), it also means that the demand for aftermarket parts and service is likely to increase. This is a positive trend for dealerships and parts suppliers.


Also positive is the opportunity to enhance consumer satisfaction over the lifetime of their vehicle with high quality components. If a vehicle continues to perform well even after a decade, its owner may look more favourably on a repeat brand purchase when the time comes to buy a new vehicle.


BASF is one of the automotive world’s leading materials suppliers and is known for its market-leading Cellasto polyurethane components. We asked Matt Ronayne, Manager, Technology and Innovation, BASF North America, how high-quality automotive components can help maintain a vehicle’s performance over time. 


How can using Cellasto for coil spring isolators contribute to greater consumer satisfaction with their vehicle over its lifetime?  

MR: The coil springs in the vehicle's chassis suspension has to bear the full weight when in motion.  This can manifest itself as unpleasant noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in the passenger compartment, which can lead to lower customer satisfaction. Cellasto coil spring isolators, with their unique properties, act to absorb and isolate the unpleasantness from NVH.  Coupled with Cellasto's high durability, the coil springs isolators help to provide a lifetime of pleasurable driving experience.  


What attributes make Cellasto ideal for this specific application?

MR: Coil spring isolators made from Cellasto are ideal for this application due to their: excellent static and dynamic properties; low compression set; high abrasion resistance; resistance to cold and heat and resistance to oils, greases, ozone and many other media.


For more information about Cellasto coil spring isolators, check out this micro-webinar, the second in our ongoing series about Cellasto’s automotive applications.

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