Basotect featured in Telly Award-winning segment

Posted on June 21, 2018

What does it take to win a 2018 Bronze Telly Award? For Brandstar, it took their segment Inside the Blueprint, which highlighted innovations in the commercial construction and design space, and BASF’s open-cell melamine foam, Basotect.


“We are very proud of the segments that earned Telly Awards this year,” said Ron Secreto, Vice-President of Strategic Partnerships for Brandstar. “We believe that Inside the Blueprint is producing some of television’s best content in the B2B vertical, and it’s nice to earn some recognition – for us and for our outstanding partners who appear on the show.”



Hosted on Fox Business Network, Inside the Blueprints Office Spaces visited Sawmill, a financial planning and management firm in Minneapolis, MN where Basotect was used to create ceiling baffles to improve the acoustics of their office space. The shape of the baffles themselves were inspired by and pay homage to Sawmill’s extensive local history, dating back to 1901 in the lumber industry.


While the baffles in their common area were designed to look like plain-sliced dimensional lumber, the open office space received a stunning design treatment. The radial pattern on the ceiling is a unique fixture to an otherwise bare ceiling that replicates the cutting pattern of quarter-sawn wood. Though simple in structure, the unique design created with the Basotect baffles offered architects and designers the opportunity to flex their creative muscle without compromising performance.


“Basotect has proven itself as a material with few limitations when it comes to one’s imagination,” said Bob Ober, Business Development Manager, Basotect Foam at BASF. “Whether it’s used in building installations to create a unique acoustical experience, providing a quiet experience in your travels, or to scrub away stubborn stains in your home, Basotect offers unmatched functionality.”


BASF Performance Materials is proud to have been a part of this award-winning video and would like to extend our thanks to our partners and congratulations to the Brandstar team and their outstanding work. To view the entire segment, click play on the video below. 


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