BASF’s E-por expandable foam, molded by Schaumaplast for Heckler Design’s OneLess™Office suite of office products.

BASF collaborates with customers to deliver one less "hassle" using E-por

Posted on September 30, 2013

WYANDOTTE, MI, September 30, 2013 – BASF, in collaboration with Schaumaplast and Heckler Design, has developed a unique packaging solution using E-por®, an expandable interpolymer, tough-elastic foam, to deliver Heckler’s OneLess™Office suite of products. OneLess™Office is a flexible, space-saving, ergonomic computer workspace which includes OneLess™Desk, OneLess™Stand, and OneLess™File, that is shipped globally to consumers in one box.


Schaumaplast Precision Foam Molders LP approached BASF about working with their customer, Heckler Design, to develop a packaging end-cap that would not only protect the product from damage during shipping, but also would offer consumers an easy, hassle-free way to unpack the product (which requires no assembly). Heckler previously used corrugated board packaging to ship the approximately 131 pound steel gauge furniture set. Due to the high damage rate and associated costs of returns, they needed to find a more efficient solution.


As a result of close collaboration between the product designer, the molding team and BASF’s raw material experts, a new packaging concept emerged. E-por particle foam provided the necessary durability during shipping and, as a result, the damage rate for Heckler’s delivered products decreased substantially.


“Being able to secure the product so effectively and make it easier to unpack out of the box is simply incredible and it has changed the nature of the business,” said Dean Heckler, founder of Heckler Design. “This solved


Schaumaplast and BASF are now Heckler Design’s preferred packaging partners and the team is working to use this concept on future products.


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