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High gloss in automotive interiors

Posted on October 12, 2017

Ultramid® Deep Gloss combines glossiness and resistance



No need for coating



Enables structured, functionalized surfaces for new operational concepts in cars


BASF has now succeeded in developing a specialty polyamide that combines the chemical resistance of semi-crystalline polyamides with the high gloss and the depth of view of amorphous plastics. Ultramid® Deep Gloss is therefore particularly suitable for components in automobile interiors which are high-gloss and at the same time resistant without the need for coating. It is characterized by a balanced property profile: high gloss level and excellent resistance to scratching along with high chemical and good UV resistance. Ultramid® Deep Gloss reproduces structures true to detail, thus allowing an interplay of light and shadow high in contrast. During the development, the requirements of the automotive industry regarding emissions and odor were taken into account. The specialty polyamide is available in sample quantities globally from now on. 


Brilliant performance even under challenging conditions


Amorphous plastics have a high gloss level and are therefore used in many everyday products. When there are high demands on the permanent preservation of the surface properties, they generally have to be coated as the original level of chemical, scratching and abrasion resistance is not sufficient. Semi-crystalline polyamides, however, have excellent chemical resistance but not the necessary gloss and resistance to scratching required for applications demanding maximum surface quality. For Ultramid® Deep Gloss, the polymer raw materials and additives have been balanced in such a way that – apart from the high gloss and the depth of view - the continuous-use properties required for high-quality surfaces, such as resistance to scratching as well as sufficiently high UV resistance, are achieved. Compared to other, uncoated high-gloss materials, Ultramid® Deep Gloss impresses with its outstanding abrasion resistance. For processing, the new BASF polyamide offers interesting potentials: it can be injection-molded without variothermal mold technology, and there is no need for the components to be coated.


Bright concept for new design ideas


There is great demand for surfaces with a piano-black look in car interiors. It is to be expected that the percentage of high-quality, partially functionalized surfaces will continue to increase. This trend is being pushed by new types of operational concepts following the transition to autonomous driving. Thanks to its balanced property profile, Ultramid® Deep Gloss provides designers with new opportunities to implement unusual textures such as ripples, waves, hammer finish, lines and diamonds. In addition, surfaces can be structured by haptic design elements. In combination with suitable sensor technology, this allows for integrated, functionalized designs.


Ultramid® Deep Gloss is the ideal material for decorative trims, e.g. edges of displays and decorative panels around lights. Storage racks in headliners, inlays in car doors or center consoles as well as functional components such as air vents also benefit from the new combination of high gloss and chemical resistance. In addition to the piano-black look, other premium colors such as porcelain white, ivory or earthy shades may be feasible. Ultramid® Deep Gloss has been primarily developed to meet the requirements for automotive interiors. But it is also possible to manufacture components with similar demands in the consumer goods sector.


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