Long life under demanding conditions


Automotive connectors need to perform in demanding environments that can be hot and damp. For these applications, we recommend BASF Ultradur® HR (hydrolysis resistance), a polybutylene terephthalate (PBT).


Contact with water in polyesters, even in the form of atmospheric humidity, leads to a weakening of the material, particularly at elevated temperatures. Ultradur HR incorporates highly effective additives that display extremely high resistance to damage due to water at elevated temperatures, considerably extending the life of a part.


Naturally, plastic parts in vehicles should be functional in all climate zones on earth, even in damp hot conditions. If spray water and road salt play a role, this can also increase the demands on the plastic. Therefore, the level and duration of the stress are key factors as to whether or not an application is feasible using a PBT without improved hydrolysis resistance. Today, the specifications for a number of plastic applications in the automotive sector include tests at elevated temperatures and humidity or tests on changing climatic conditions. These tests can only be passed by HR-modified PBT grades.


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