Dampen vibrations from steering, gear shift or drive train


Cellasto® is not only ideally suited for taking axial loads but also for damping torsional vibrations—be it in the steering, gear shift or drive train.


Cellasto ensures a good reduction in energy peaks and isolation of vibrations in a variety of designs.


Cellasto is usually designed for pressure loads in these structures. This provides a very constant torque angle limitation, ensuring safe and reliable component operation.


Engine- and road-surface-induced vibrations can be transmitted to the vehicle interior through a variety of body noise bridges and be perceived as annoying vibrations and noise. In this context, gear sticks and steering wheels are particularly problematic components as they have to be as rigid as possible for functional reasons.


This can be remedied by selectively incorporating flexibility into the respective transmission trains. A special torsional vibration damper made of Cellasto minimizes the transmission of irritating vibrations into the steering wheel and improves its torsional vibration behavior, without impairing directional stability and steering precision.