Take it from the top

In vehicle construction, top mounts provide the link between the shock absorber and the chassis and therefore have a decisive influence on driving comfort and dynamics.


Find out how Cellasto top mounts help automotive engineers refine the connection between the shock absorber and the chassis.


A stiff and rigid connection reduces the dynamic wheel loads, increasing road safety. Too hard an adjustment, however, causes excessive power peaks, which in turn produce rumbling noises in the shock absorber. Particularly soft adjustment improves micro-decoupling between road surface and bodywork but, as a rule, also results in impaired engine shake.


The solution to this problem can lie in an appropriately designed bearing made of our micro-cellular polyurethane elastomer: Cellasto®. In contrast to conventional bearings, it ensures better damping of the inherent wheel frequency and—at the same time—less absorption in the frequency range of human self-resonance. Irritating vibrations are thus reduced and the ride is more comfortable.


BASF uses comprehensive testing technology for adapting Cellasto® top mounts. Since parameters such as the shock absorber connection and engine shake strongly depend on shock absorber design, simply optimizing the top mount on the component test rig often leads to unsatisfactory results.


What helps is a comprehensive approach that also includes top mount periphery in the optimization process. For this reason, we offer special technical support: using an axle damping test rig, the vertical dynamics of the absorber plus top mount can be studied in detail as a function of excitation amplitude and frequency, and taken into consideration in component design. The result of these complex and extensive tests is more driving comfort without compromising road safety.