High durability. Better ride.


Cellasto® was used for spring components as early as in the 60s. As a result of its excellent physical properties this micro-cellular polyurethane elastomer is particularly suitable for use as a dynamic, high-performance component in the chassis area.


  • Cellasto® features low lateral expansion due to its high volume compressibility, thereby also meeting the requirements of limited construction space.
  • Its resistance to low temperature, heat and moisture gives components an extended life span.


Vehicle suspension has progressive spring characteristics, which can be achieved by combining a linear steel coil spring with a progressive Cellasto jounce bumper.


The outstanding features of these components, which are made of micro-cellular, special polyurethane elastomers, are:


  • Enormous deflection potential with negligible lateral expansion
  • Progressive pressure/compression behavior
  • Minor permanent set under static and long-term, dynamic loads

    Consequently, the Cellasto jounce bumper can be mounted inside the steel coil spring on the shock absorber piston rod, thus saving space. Even during total compression—maximum 80% of the original height of the spring without a load—there is no contact with the steel spring.