A low-cost alternative to hydraulics


In tractors, construction machinery and semi-trailers, drivers can be subjected to considerable shocks in the longitudinal direction—especially on poor-quality roads.


Tractors with highly positioned seats are subject to horizontal shocks not only in the longitudinal direction but also in the transversal direction when entering/leaving furrows unavoidable in agriculture. This effect is increased even further when pulling heavy trailers.


Shocks reduce the level of driving comfort and also pose a safety problem and occupational health issue.


The task: the development of horizontal seat damping as a low-cost alternative to the existing hydraulic systems. Only the limited construction space in the two seat tracks is to be used for vibration isolation to avoid the need for additional metal parts.


The solution: BASF has incorporated a tapered plastic profile into the metal seat track. This guides the shock absorbers—two small Cellasto® blocks braced against each other.


The defined friction of these Cellasto “springs” at the plastic profiles achieves the desired horizontal vibration isolation of the seat, both in longitudinal and transversal direction. The high abrasion resistance, combined with its compressibility, makes Cellasto the choice material for this economic solution.