Cushion the impact of torque


Engines that are mounted transversely need a roll restrictor in addition to the engine mounts in order to cushion the impact of the torque. The roll restrictor limits the rolling movement of the engine during load transfer procedures.


Roll restrictors are designed to keep irritating vibrations caused by the acceleration, deceleration and idling of the engine away from the chassis. These requirements determine the characteristics of the roll restrictor. At zero load the contact should be soft, but in the case of high loads a defined end position should be reached and kept.


Cellasto® is exactly the right material to realize these parameters—both in physical and constructional terms. Combined with a suitable component design, Cellasto's cellular structure bridges the gap between the required soft start in the early load stages and the progressive pressure/compression behavior under high loads.


For those travelling in the vehicle, this brings a noticeable reduction in vibration.


Cellasto roll restrictors also meet the very stringent requirements with regard to fatigue strength: they withstand high ambient temperatures equally as well as excessive loads caused by misuse.