Prevent damage


Doors of truck cabs can be subjected to considerable shocks. Damage can occur when the door is opened with too much force, when a gust of wind catches the door, or when the door inadvertently opens because the cab has been tilted forward.


To avoid this type of damage, impacts must be absorbed by a soft bump stop in the door stop, for example. However, there is limited space available for the incorporation of this shock absorber into the doorstop housing.


This places special demands on the material. The comparison between compact elastomer materials and our cellular polyurethane elastomer, Cellasto®, shows that Cellasto can even be compressed in the extremely reduced construction space of the doorstop.


It absorbs the impact energy and reduces the peak loads far better than compact elastomers. The load/time diagram of the two materials clearly shows: Cellasto bump stops reduce maximum loads by roughly half.


Closing systems can pose a problem where the tolerances of their metal parts require a substantial variety of force to be applied for closing. Users consider this phenomenon bothersome and a sign of poor quality. Cellasto components can remedy this defect.


The soft start of the deflection characteristics of Cellasto components ensures a wide range with low load increase. If tolerances appear in this range, the required closing forces can be kept almost constant. Due to their volume compressibility, these components can be kept comparatively small and even be employed in locations that were not designed to accept them at the time when the metal sheet parts were specified.