Encapsulate comfort


Flexible isolation of frame and body serves to reduce vibrations and noise in the vehicle interior, especially in off-road vehicles. It is particularly important that excitations in the seat and body, as well as inherent wheel frequency, be efficiently dampened.


The optimum body mount is soft at the static load point to provide effective noise isolation. Additionally, driving dynamics are optimized by limiting the bodywork spring deflection to low values and by a high degree of damping at higher amplitudes.


Thanks to its extraordinary properties—a low degree of damping with small amplitudes and a high degree of damping with large amplitudes, as well as a low degree of stiffness and simultaneously high fatigue strength—Cellasto® is ideally suited to fulfill the requirements for frame mounts.


For the first time, BASF Polyurethanes has cooperated with Kia Motors Corporation to develop a Cellasto damping system for the Sportage off-road vehicle and started series production. The Sportage has eight body mounting points equipped with two differently sized and pre-compressed Cellasto tension/compression bearings.


Compared with conventional materials, Cellasto considerably improves the vibration damping and noise isolation in the passenger area. The noise level is reduced by up to 5 dBA—the level of subjectively perceived noise.


In contrast to conventional mounting concepts, Cellasto frame mounts also boast additional advantages: low compression set and creep, and temperature has little impact on the mounting stiffness. Excellent resistance to media as well as fatigue strength makes Cellasto especially suitable for these applications.