Tailor-made membranes


The scope of advanced, cost-efficient membrane processes is constantly expanding.


Application fields include water purification, biomedical applications, manufacturing process separations and waste treatment. Especially in the innovative field of separation processes, membrane devices and especially raw materials are key driving forces. Demanding process conditions, the need for high separation selectivity and process efficiency have led to the widespread use of the high-performance thermoplastics polyethersulfone (PESU), polysulfone (PSU) and polyphenyl-sulfone (PPSU) in this sector.


Ultrason® is BASF's brand name for the polymer class of polyarylene ethersulfones. It encompasses three different product lines of transparent, high-temperature and high-performance thermoplastics with excellent chemical and hydrolytic stability, high continuous-service temperatures of >=160°C, as well as high mechanical strength. The products relevant for membrane applications are offered in various molecular weights as granules (PSU, PPSU) or in form of porous flakes (PESU) for faster dissolution.


Its mechanical properties in combination with its thermal and chemical resistance make Ultrason® superior to most other polymers.


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