High-performance materials for film and sheet


The robust characteristics of Elastollan® thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) make it the superior choice for use in film, sheet and fabric coating and applications—from bike seat covers to moisture-barrier bed sheets.


Elastollan materials provide excellent abrasion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, good weatherability, excellent cut and tear properties, and flexibility from –40°C to 125°C. Elastollan polyether-based grades offer excellent fungus, microbial & hydrolysis resistance and low temperature flexibility.


Polyester-based grades supply improved resistance to oils and greases, high temperature performance, UV resistance, as well as resistance to ozone & high-energy radiation. BASF and Elastollan also offer customers the technical expertise to enhance additional key properties such as halogen-free flame retardancy with limiting oxygen indexes (LOIs) up to 33%, high moisture vapour permeability (MVTR), color stability, breathability, non-phthalate flexibility, anti-stat, and low co-efficient of friction surfaces.