High-performance materials can take the heat


When it comes to keeping the power on and the processes flowing, reliability is the name of the game. Wherever electric power flows, plastics must possess excellent electrical properties together with good mechanical characteristics and also exhibit high resistance to heat.


In the event of faults, plastics must keep the risk of fire to a minimum. and where design is a requirement, plastics must be colored in bright shades for easy identification.


Ultramid® nylons are used in electric insulation systems, household electric equipment, and industrial switching units, and are available in various flame retardant grades.


Ultradur® and Petra® thermoplastic polyesters offer high heat resistance, have excellent dimensional stability for connectors in demanding applications, and are available in various flame retardant grades. With one of the lowest high-temperature-resistance values, long term creep, dimensional stability, and transparency, Ultrason® PES and PSU resins are also used in electrical components.


Low-smoke, halogen-free flame retardant


BASF also makes a low-smoke, halogen-free flame retardant Elastollan® TPU for high performance wire and cable applications. Elastollan 1185A10HFFR is a polyether-based TPU compound complementing the existing Elastollan FR TPU portfolio by providing FR solutions. It exhibits excellent abrasion resistance, toughness, very good low temperature flexibility, hydrolytic stability and fungus resistance.


Need a serious high-temperature wire and cable material? Try the new Elastollan 785A10HPM TPU for continuous use at 150°. It provides excellent performance at high temperatures while exhibiting improved compression set, excellent surface reproducibility and resistance chemicals and fuels. This product's multifaceted haptic possibilities range from velvety to leather-like and are available in several hardnesses.