Transforming visions into realities:
Compostable polymers with biobased content


BASF has added an extraordinary product to its plastics portfolio: ecovio®. It's a completely biodegradable plastic.


ecovio is highly transformable, meaning a wide range of end use applications are possible. This makes organic waste diversion easier for stadiums and large venues, where a variety of compostable food service packaging is required.


Certified compostable


ertified compostable

Thanks to its special chemical structure, ecovio® can be biodegraded by microorganisms and their enzymes. In the conditions of an industrial composting plant — high temperature, high moisture, defined oxygen content — biodegradation only takes a few weeks. ecovio® offers various product grades that meet international and national standards and regulations for industrial composting.


Biobased content


With ecovio®, BASF offers a certified compostable polymer which at the same time has a variable biobased content. It consists of the compostable BASF polymer ecoflex® and polylactic acid (PLA), which is derived from the renewable resource corn. In contrast to simple starch based bioplastics, ecovio® is more resistant to mechanical stress and moisture.


High performance


ecovio® products are just as high-performing and strong in use as conventional plastics. An ecovio® bag can take the same load as its polyethylene counterpart. The product properties were designed so that the products only fully biodegrade in compost after use.


Ecovio® Compostable Plastic