Wear resistant for a longer service life


Irrigation and plumbing systems require materials that are dimensionally stable in water, strong and durable to provide a service life of many years.


High-performance Ultraform® resin fulfills these requirements in a way which distinguishes it from other engineering plastics because it has a structure with very high crystallinity. This is important for valves used in irrigation and household faucets. Ultraform resin is used to make gears and nozzles for use in sprinkler heads, because of its added features of strength, wear resistance, and low friction properties.


Ultrason® S is used in plumbing applications because of its excellent dimensional stability, long-term hydrostatic strength, and resistance to long-term exposure to hot water. Both neat resin and glass reinforced Ultrason S grades are used in these applications to improve the overall performance and lifespan for years of worry-free service.