Innovation and sustainability go hand-in-hand.


By 2050, there will be 9 billion people on our planet – 2.2 billion more than there are today. Our innovations are intended to meet two goals: address the challenges of a growing population, and to help you do well by doing good.


We innovate to help you, our customers, be more successful. And today, successful innovation often means finding a new, more sustainable, higher-performance solution to an existing problem. New ways to enhance resource efficiency. New ways to improve quality of life. New ways to harmonize ecological, economical and societal demands.


When you work with the teams from BASF plastics and polyurethanes, you have access to a global R&D network, a suite of sustainability tools, and a connected team of experts in product development, custom formulations, technical and regulatory requirements.


What do our stakeholders say about BASF innovation? Find out with this video from our 2012 We Create Chemistry world tour.



Learn more about our commitment to innovation and sustainability using the links below.


Bringing innovation to everyday life.

From concept electric vehicles to energy boosting running shoes, everyday objects become extraordinary.

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Innovations just for you

Get a competitive advantage with high-performance, custom solutions and processes that put you ahead of the pack.

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Proven sustainability performance.

Any company can say it’s sustainable. Most can’t prove it. We can.

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