If you can dream it, we can make it happen. High-performance materials make designing a refrigeration unit limited only by your creativity.

Q&A from the Experts

  • What is a Sandwich Plate System (SPS)?

    Large ocean going ships and tankers achieve superior mechanical stress properties on their hulls with the Sandwich Plate System (SPS) , where polyurethane foam is injected between the inner and outer hull plates, increasing strength and rigidity. SPS allows a vessel’s hull to absorb impact energy and keep the ship operational.

  • Is polyurethane foam insulation only suitable for freezers?

    No. Polyurethane is highly versatile and is helping manufacturers produce a wide variety of commercial refrigeration solutions, including multi-purpose commercial refrigerators that are longer and deeper, including aisle-length freezers, open vegetable coolers, or slide top, floor-to-ceiling beverage refrigerators, and convenience store freezers.

  • How does using polyurethane foam impact the manufacturing process?

    The combination of a fine, closed cell structure and its special designed chemistry give Elastocool® the outstanding mechanical and physical properties required when the energy efficiency requirements of thermal insulation applications are extremely demanding. Elastocool® technology has been developed to enhance its processability, flow characteristics, and gel and demoulding time. The K-factor and density distribution are also improved, as well as the mechanical properties of the final product.


    BASF has the right Elastocool® technology for thermal insulation solutions depending on a manufacturer's processing requirements, such as viscosity, fill and curing rates, to meet current and future energy requirements and environmental challenges.

  • When it comes to design freedom, how flexible is polyurethane?

    Very. Polyurethane foam technology gives specialty refrigeration unit designers the freedom to experiment with different shapes, whether it's a sommelier wine cellar, a frozen beverage or beer dispenser or a customized ice machine. BASF polyurethane foams are also providing manufacturers with the capability to design units that vary in size, while allowing for better energy and thermal efficiency, and a smaller environmental footprint.

  • I have an idea for a new design--can you help me?

    We provide solutions tailored to fit your requirements, optimized and adjusted in our appliance lab to match your needs. Specific processing conditions are simulated and optimized, with the final products tested, applying international standards and manufacturers’ test procedures. 

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