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  • Eco-Efficiency Analysis 101: How to Leverage this Strategic Lifecycle Tool

    Eco-Efficiency Analysis 101: How to Leverage this Strategic Lifecycle Tool

    Eco-Efficiency Analysis 101: How to Leverage this Strategic Lifecycle Tool

    Eco-Efficiency Analysis 101: How to Leverage this Strategic Lifecycle Tool

    Go beyond simple lifecycle analysis to balance the triple bottom line. Get an overview of the third-party verified Eco-Efficiency Analysis that compares lifecycle economic and environmental data for m

Q&A from the Experts

  • How does BASF measure environmental impact of products and technologies?

    We believe that analysis beats greenwash. Scientific measurement is the only way to accurately document the true impact of construction products over the entire lifecycle. That's why BASF developed the award-winning, third-party validated Eco-Efficiency Analysis. To harmonize ecology and economy, it assesses the lifecycle of a product or manufacturing process from the "cradle to the grave" in five categories:


    - Resource utilization
    - Energy consumption
    - Emissions to air, water and soil
    - Toxicity potential
    - Misuse and risk potential


    The purpose of the Eco-Efficiency Analysis is to enable scientifically accurate comparisons of similar products or processes. This involves carrying out an overall study of alternative solutions to include a total cost determination and the calculation of ecological impact over the entire lifecycle. You can learn more at www.basf.com/sustainability

  • Are SPF roofs sustainable?

    Yes. There are many factors that contribute to the sustainability of SPF roofing systems. First, no tear-off of the existing roof is required in 98% of re-roofing applications, which diverts thousands of tons of waste from landfill. Second, they are extremely durable, offering industry-leading resistance to severe weather including wind uplift and impact from airborne debris. Third, they offer an extremely long life expectancy of 20 years or more, and are renewable indefinitely with simple recoats. And fourth, they make a significant contribution to building energy efficiency. One Texas A&M study showed the university was able to pay for the cost of their new SPF roofs in 4.5 years though energy savings! And when they are combined with reflective coatings, SPF roofing systems also help combat urban heat island effect and reduce smog.

  • I have an idea for a new design--can you help me?

    We provide solutions tailored to fit your requirements, optimized and adjusted in our appliance lab to match your needs. Specific processing conditions are simulated and optimized, with the final products tested, applying international standards and manufacturers’ test procedures. 

  • Where can polyurethane foam be found in everyday items?

    BASF Elastoflex® flexible foams, with Elastoskin® polyurethane coverings and Elastofoam® integral skin system can be found in seating for many of today's snowmobiles, ATVs and motorcycles because of their durability and high resistance to water. They also give designers the flexibility to create a wider range of grain, texture and color surfaces, all using a single, in-mold process.


    From rollerblades to beach clogs, hiking boots to jogging shoes, BASF makes insoles, midsoles, outsoles and more that enhance support, reduce fatigue and promote longer wear.


    BASF Elastopor® systems are used to create MDI based surfboard blanks that have proven to be popularly lightweight, durable and increasingly cost-effective.


    Superior puncture, tearing and moisture resistance make BASF polyurethane flexible foams and integral skins ideally suited for balls and other toys.


    BASF microcellular foams are giving bicycle and other recreational tire makers a durable yet process-saving alternative to air-filled tires.


    BASF polyurethane flexible foams' sound damping properties, and soft touch comfort are music to the ears of some of the best headphone manufacturers and audiophiles.

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